Hey Global Warming, Turn up the Heat !

This is supposed to be Florida and I woke up to 26 degrees !!!!!!

Below is the Weather information from a local TV affiliate:

Weather Blog

January 11, 2010

Coldest Morning of the Season......

Posted by Julie Durda

This morning we made new record lows, in Miami as well as Key West. Other temperatures around town drop to the upper 20s and mid 30s. This caused us to see some areas effected with frost . Take a look at how we woke up...

Kendall 26°

Homestead 31°

Hialeah 33°

Pembroke Pines 34°

Pompano Beach 35°

Ft.Lauderdale 36°

Miami 36° New record (old record was 37° set back in 1927)

Marthon 39°

Key West 42° New record (old record was 48° set back in 1970)

Look on the bright side, we can only warm up from here. That's exactly what we will do as we continue thru the work week. We are expecting temps to slowly rebound once high pressure moves more over the Western Atlantic that will bring a return flow off the ocean which in return will warm up our temperatures. Hang in there you'll only need those sweaters and jackets for a couple more days!

Stay Warm!!!

Julie Durda

Morning Meteorologist

Where ever you live, I hope you are keeping toasty warm,



  1. Here in Georgia it is a balmy 32. Keep toasty.

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    Thank you so much for following my blog. That is crazy weather for Florida. We are a bit warmer here in California.
    Stay warm...Cathleen

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    Thanks Jeanette

  4. Thank you girl for coming by and seeing me...I always love having company...Hugs and smiles to you girl...Gl♥ria

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