Christmas Village is Bustling with Christmas activity.....

City Hall with the Candy Shop to the right and a home to the left.

Every city must have one.

Do you see Santa ringing the bell?

Candy Shop, Hotel and someone's Home - Taxi driver is in for a rest and the blue truck is gettting ready to pack up the family to shop for their Christmas tree.

The Bakery, Church and another Home - The Bakery has been working non stop producing all types of sweet breads and cakes; The Church is staying open for last minute workshipers and the family in the pretty blue house is getting ready for dinner.

The skater is taking in one last go around before being called in to dinner.

Firetruck at the ready - just in case.

Another view around the neighborhood.....

Last one ---

And to all a GOOD NIGHT.

xoxo, Sylvia

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  1. Sylvia, this is really the cutest thing! I think your display is extra special because of the little stories you tell that go with each little part of the village!

    Best wishes, Natasha.


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