More Pillow LOVE

So this is the last of my three part series (LOL) on pillow making.  My first attempt was a pillow transfer which didn't turn out so great in my opinion but it was passable as a pillow.  If you missed it, you can see it HERE.  

My second attempt was a pillow transfer with cording added to the edges of the pillow.  I must say I might have mastered the transfer part and the cording wasn't too bad to sew on.  You can see the finished product HERE.

So by this time I say OK,  this isn't so hard, I want to try the burlap pillows.  So I start to stencil a flower on a piece of burlap and decide I am going to sew it to the front of the pillow, fray the edges of this inset, sort of to frame the flower and sew up the pillow, this time with a ruffle edging (OH how brave of me).  Well it all went pretty good until I had to sew the two pieces of the pillow with the ruffled trim sandwiched in between. HA it wasn't as easy as the cording of the second pillow. But oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

Can hardly see the ruffle against the white bedding.

Much better background and you begin to see the fraying around the flower "frame".

Can't miss the fraying and the ruffle trim in this picture.

All three of my babies, added a jeweled bee to the Nest pillow.

What do you think ?

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  1. Yay! You did it! Very, very nice! Now you can tell me how to do ruffles!

  2. Love your pillows...the burlap & cotton looks great & your images are adorable!!
    Happy Weekend Friend,

  3. I think you got it going on...that's what I think. Love it!


  4. Hi Sylvia:
    I think you did a fabulous job! Everything is just lovely.

    Thanks also for stopping by Brynwood. I actually have four different headers with my oak tree/acorn background. They were all taken in our front yard. I've put something white, but different in each photo. As soon as my beloved tree finishes leafing out again, I've got some new white things to photograph there.
    Thanks for noticing that I changed it back to my white heart right around Valentine's Day.

    Thanks also for your kind comments about my clutch. I really appreciate the feedback.

  5. These pillows look great on the bed, so inviting.

  6. Love the pillows of course I am a pillow addict.

  7. Great job. They look store bought. I've been making some lately, too.

  8. These came out really nice, looks really comfy too!

  9. I see you love pillows too! You did a great job on yours. My nine year old is trying to teach me to sew. Really! Wish me luck~

  10. your pillows look great.. good job!! really wish I could sew..

  11. Great job- I love your burlap pillow with ruffles and the others are precious as well!!

  12. Oooh, I love that ruffle! One of these days I'll learn how to sew ruffles, and then my house will be full of them! Love the "frame" idea for the flower too.

  13. I think you did a great job, Sylvia! Good for you trying these different pillow projects!

  14. I think it looks great!! You can make one for my bed, thank you very much! :) Thanks for stopping by; nice to meet you! -shaunna :)

  15. I love burlap and I love these pillows. I will be featuring your project in my post tomorrow! Thanks for linking up to my party.

  16. Anything burlap catches my eye and love the frayed edge topper. Beautiful job. I'm thinking the frayed edge is an easy update for an already finished plain pillow. Just slipstitch it on. Thanks for the inspiration.


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