Carrot Patch

It's beginning to feel warmer and time to get outside again.

The rabbit family is beginning to get their gardens in order and frolick in the sun.

They are sitting reading a book and dancing on the grass.

Picking flowers and vegetable and loading them into the basket to take home.

Aren't the houses just purty in their spring colors ?

Happy spring !!!!!


  1. Oh thank you for the cute pictures of your Bunny family!! Ha Ha they are adorable!!
    My sons and I had a veggie garden when they were little boys and we had a mommy and baby bunny come to eat the carrott tops...we did not have the heart to stop them...we loved just watching them come to visit and have their fill!! Take care. Hugs from Susan in Georgia

  2. They are just precious! Girl, I thought you were planting carrots when I read your title. LOL

  3. All your photos make me think Easter!! We are having some much needed sun here :0)


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