Magnetic Recipe Holder

This recipe holder, inspired by the talented girls at Shanty2Chic was a breeze to make. Shanty2Chic posted a detailed step by step tutorial on how they put theirs together and of course I'm not as savy as they are and forgot to take my step by step pictures.  They also cut their own wood pieces, I went another route and bought my pieces so I wouldn't have to pull out tools.

These are the materials I used along with the square wood plaque that is missing from the picture, heart pieces, magnetic paint and glue.
1-Took the square plaque and glued it to the cross piece.
2- Took the cross piece and glued it to the round base piece.
3- Took the finial and glued it to the top of the square plaque.
4- Painted with Magnetic paint, a square frame on the main piece.
5- Glued magnets to the red hearts.
Painted and distressed it and
Wa La ......

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  1. Hi Sylvia,
    What a neat project! I always struggle with recipe cards and this would eliminate that problem.
    I want to thank you for stopping by my site and entering my PB Giveaway. It’s been fun a fun way to meet different bloggers like you. Take care and Good Luck!

  2. OOOOO! Cute, cute! It looks a lot like thiers. Good job!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  3. I love it-I have something like this idea scribbled out on a piece of paper, in my TO DO projects.


  4. You did a great job! I love it!

  5. I loooove this! I will have to find similar parts. This is a cute project! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You did a great job! I have tried everything and still get 'stuff' all over my cards.


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